Why Most Newborn Photos Are Done Asleep?

Jun 30, 2024

Hello, lovely parents and parents-to-be! 👋 

If you’ve ever wondered why so many newborn photos capture those peaceful, sleepy moments, you’re in the right place.

As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing countless little ones and I’m here to share the magic behind those dreamy, sleepy baby photos. ✨

The Beauty of Newborn Sleep 😴

One of the most heart warming sights is a newborn baby peacefully sleeping. 💤 Those tiny eyelids fluttering, the gentle rise and fall of their chest, and the serene expression on their face – it’s pure magic. 🌟 But beyond the aesthetic appeal, there are practical reasons why many newborn photos are taken while the baby is asleep.

Why Sleepy Photos Are So Popular 📸

1. Calm and Stillness 🌸

Newborns, especially in their first few weeks, spend a lot of time sleeping. 🕰️ This natural state of restfulness is perfect for photography because it allows me to capture their delicate features without too much movement. When babies are awake, they tend to wiggle, stretch and sometimes fuss, making it more challenging to capture those serene moments. During a newborn photoshoot in Essex, I aim to create a calm environment where the baby feels secure and can drift into a peaceful slumber. 🛌

2. Comfort and Safety ❤️

When babies are asleep, they are more likely to feel comfortable and safe. As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, ensuring the baby’s safety and comfort is my top priority. Sleeping babies are less likely to be startled by the camera or lights, which means I can capture those precious moments without causing any distress. Their tiny hands and feet can be gently positioned, and they are more likely to stay in those adorable poses. 👣

3. The Ideal Window: Up to Two Weeks 🍼

The first two weeks after birth are often considered the best time for a newborn photoshoot in Essex. During this period, babies are typically sleepier and more flexible. They still curl up naturally, mimicking their position in the womb, which makes for those iconic newborn poses. After the two-week mark, babies tend to become more alert and may develop colic or baby acne, which can affect the photoshoot. 📆

4. Warmth and Comfort 🌡️

Newborns love warmth. During a photoshoot, I ensure the room is comfortably warm, which helps the baby stay relaxed and sleepy. 🛏️ I also use soft, cosy blankets and props to create a safe and snug environment. Keeping the baby swaddled can also mimic the womb’s comfort, helping them feel secure and sleepy. 🧸

5. White Noise and Gentle Sounds 🎵

To recreate the soothing sounds of the womb, I often use white noise or gentle lullabies during the photoshoot. These sounds can help calm the baby and keep them in a restful state. As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, I’ve found that these little touches make a big difference in ensuring a successful photoshoot. 🎶

6. Flexibility and Ease 🧘♀️

Newborns are incredibly flexible, and when they’re asleep, it’s easier to gently position them into those adorable, curled-up poses that parents love. 🥰 These poses not only highlight their tiny features but also capture the essence of their early days. From their little fingers to their tiny toes, every detail is preserved in a serene, sleepy state. 👶

7. Timeless and Classic 🕰️

There’s something timeless about a sleeping baby. These photos have a classic, serene quality that parents cherish for a lifetime. As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, my goal is to create images that families can look back on and feel the warmth and love of those early days. 📜

Tips for a Successful Sleepy Newborn Photoshoot

8. Prepare Ahead 📝

Before the photoshoot, I always recommend that parents try to keep the baby awake for a little while. This can make them more likely to fall into a deep sleep during the session. Feeding the baby right before the photoshoot also helps, as a full tummy makes for a happy, sleepy baby.

9. Be Patient and Flexible ⏳

Newborns have their own schedules, and it’s important to be patient and flexible during the photoshoot. Sometimes, it takes a little while for the baby to settle into a deep sleep, and that’s perfectly okay. As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, I always ensure that the session is relaxed and stress-free, allowing plenty of time for feeding, changing and cuddling. 🥰

10. Capturing Love and Tenderness 💞

There’s an emotional depth to photos of a sleeping newborn. These images capture the pure, unfiltered love that parents feel for their little one. The peaceful expressions, the gentle poses – they all convey a sense of tranquillity and love. As a professional newborn photographer in Essex, I aim to capture not just the appearance of your baby, but the deep emotional connection you share. 💖

Why Sleepy Newborn Photos Are a Must 📸

In the end, the reason most newborn photos are done asleep is simple: they capture the essence of those early days. The peaceful, serene moments of a sleeping baby are timeless and precious. These photos are not just images; they are memories that you’ll cherish forever. 🌟

So, if you’re considering a newborn photoshoot in Essex, remember the beauty of those sleepy moments. They are fleeting but with the right photographer, they can be preserved for a lifetime. 📷

From my lens to your heart,

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